Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hinata in a Triangle Choke

Here's a Naruto Shippuden one. Hinata getting choked out by Sakura with a triangle choke.
*Updated. Now in color.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Several Sketches

Just some sketches of some barefoot anime girls getting choked out. Enjoy!
First off is a bleach picture. Rukia getting choked out in Tatsuki's sleeper hold. Looks like Rukia is about to give in and go to sleep.

One of Kyodai Ken from Batman the Animated Series. His kidnapped victim Kairi was being rowdy and Kyodai had to put her down for a nap.

First of several drawings involving Fairy Tail's Juvia Lockser and Levy McGarden. Levy seems to be having fun with a helpless Juvia. It will be lights out soon for the water girl.

This is a quickly colored sketch of Juvia getting sleepered by Levy again. She's putting up qua struggle, but I'm sure she won't last long.

Juvia getting even with Levy now. Let's see how Levy likes getting choked unconscious.

Back to Bleach. Ichigo's younger twin sisters Karin and Yuzu don't appear too often sadly. Here, Karin is putting Yuzu to bed.

Yuzu gets caught in another rear naked choke by Karin. Then we get to see Yuzu left unconscious on the floor. She seems to be sleeping like a baby. :)

Finally, Rukia getting choked out again. Kidnapped and bound, her captor now puts the helpless Rukia out for the night.